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Come help us build things that matter. Skanatek is a startup that creates technologies for the future of the sustainable society, the technologies that make people’s lives convenient, reduce carbon emissions and lead to efficient resource usage. We strive to combine the love to state-of-the-art technologies and a working environment that people are happy to work in.

Skanatek is a nice place to work at

Your work matters

We are a small startup company with a strong focus on the social impact of our projects. At Skanatek it’s more than work, it’s how you can help individuals and the society to solve their real life problems.

Your own schedule

Need to take kids out of daycare? Have studies in the morning? Or maybe language course each Thursday? It’s fine. At Skanatek you are free to choose your own working hours.

Your own dress-code

At Skanatek we do not have any corporate religion, so you do not need to wear a suit every day. In fact, you can wear whatever you like.

Your voice can be heard

Have you ever dreamed of working without a boss? At Skanatek we have a boss-free environment. Instead we practice a regular rotation of a role similar to that of a SCRUM master. This means that you can have a set of managerial activities for a week and then pass those to another team member. In other words, at Skanatek a team member manages the team today and tomorrow you can become that manager.

Communication policy

We extensively use our task tracker as the main traceability vehicle. The task tracker is a kind of an online portal which serves as a digital extension to the office communications.

We use Skype/SIP occasionally to hold team and personal meetings. We do not use email to discuss projects and tasks.

The working language at Skanatek is English.

Job openings

Job opening - Software Engineer

Thesis opportunities

We are glad to invite students who search for a research topic for their thesis paper (Bachelor’s or Master’s) to join our thesis research activities