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Thesis at Skanatek

We have a thesis research topic for you!

Dear student, we are pleased to inform you that now you can write your thesis (Bachelor or Master) with us. We have a few research topics under development in connection with our projects, some of which are:

Software Engineering

  • Development Operations support (DevOps) as a code (with Chef OpsCode);
  • Software Development in fully distributed teams;
  • Augmented Reality on PC and embedded hardware.

UI/UX and Graphical Design

  • Using Open Source and Free Software for media design to avoid vendor lock-in (GIMP-, Inkscape-related)
  • Cross-platform UI/UX design for native mobile applications
  • Reponsive mobile design

Marketing and PR

  • Public Relations for online web-services
  • Digital Marketing in hi-tech industry

Business Administration

  • Business Management in geographically distributed companies
  • Financial Forecasting for Innovations

How to apply

Please, send an email to with the following information:

  • Subject: Thesis - Name - University
  • Name of your university
  • Name of your program and year
  • The topic you are interested in
  • Describe the university requirements in regards to the thesis paper (which kind of agreement should be signed with the company, what is the duration of the thesis course, deadlines, etc.).