Smart transportation systems


We are Skanatek

Skanatek is an officeless company with a distributed team spread accross the globe. We like to mix successful engineering management practices with marketing, administrative and design activities. In other words, we apply the best elements of SCRUM and Agile both to software development and to all the non-engineering tasks.

How we work

Our team has a self-managed horizontal structure, which means that there are no team members who get paid for telling other people what to do. Instead, everyone actually does the job which is best suitable for that person and is most efficient for the current project.

What we do

In some sence we are ‘oldschool’, because we do not chase the latest trends in the IT and the startups world. Instead, we heavily invest in projects that will be important even in 20 years from now. Thus, our projects have a strong relation to the physical world.